Saturday, March 10, 2007

Patrick Thoresen: Norwegian Extraordinaire!

I thought Thoresen was one of the best Oiler skaters in last nights game against the Ducks. I really like this kid, he's struggled to score for 2+ months yet still has respectable numbers. That's quite an accomplishment for an undrafted player playing his first NHL season.

Desjardins has him 133 league wide in terms of adjust +/- (D and F)

Oilers when he is on the ice:

Oilers when he is not on the ice:

Adjusted ratio:

He's also middle of the pack in terms of quality of competition (281/619).

Very respectable indeed.


Vic Ferrari said...

He looks like a useful player for sure. He's going to have to score more to have value though, can't keep on relying on a bitching save% behind you forever.

I find it hard to believe that the guy is middle of the pack in terms of difficulty of icetime. The guy plays amongst the softest minutes on this team, and I don't think Desjardins accounts for difficulty of schedule either. Probably just an anomoly in that regard.

I mean the guy just never takes defensive zone draws, how many times have we seen him yanked for Horcoff or Stoll in that situation ... and over guys like Ales Hemsky? Yeesh. And I don't remember him even taking a shift against any big guns.

Apparently when he was sent back to the AHL he was pretty dominant down there, so there are some good reasons to believe he'll be a more useful player down the road. He's in a good situation though, he'll get his chance to show that he belongs in the NHL next year.

kinger said...

I find it hard to believe that the guy is middle of the pack in terms of difficulty of icetime.

Oilers opponents average difficulty:

So if Thoresen's rating is 0.0173, his minutes are comparably soft to the rest of players on the team (-0.0305), which does account for the fact that he plays some of the softest minutes on the team. Still, as a league wide measure, the fact that he's playing above average players and coming out as a low event player is definitely a positive in my eyes.