Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gino Odjick: My Hero.

I stumbled across Gino Odjick's SAS Wiki page the other night and quickly found myself overcome with laughter. Here are some of the highlights:

The Quotable Gino Odjick

* Gino Odjick returns to the Montreal Canadiens lineup tonight and, from the sound of things, he has a score to settle with Florida goaltender Trevor Kidd. "I figure (Kidd) will wake up (this morning) at 9:30 and read the paper at 10. That leaves him nine hours to learn the duck dance," Odjick said yesterday. "I haven't played in a week and all I've been doing is shooting at watermelons - because that's the size of his head." "I figure to get 10 minutes of ice (against the Panthers). That means I should be good for three shots. And I was hitting the melon often last week. I'm an Indian, so I'm good at hunting." Gino planned to have revenge on Kidd for comments he had recently made about Pavel Bure, despite the fact that Odjick and Bure were no longer teammates.
* Odjick said he hoped to return to the lineup this season: "If you can teach a dog to run after a ball in a week, you can teach an Indian to run after a puck in a month."
* Gino Odjick on the effect of his suspension without pay and its’ effect on his wife Jolene, "She won’t be able to play bingo or shop for a whole month. Maybe Colin (Campbell) will get what he deserves when I tell her she can’t play bingo or go to the stores. My advice to him is to run."
* Not a quote, but when Gino Odjick was in minor hockey he did not possess an appropriate set of formal attire for attending games . His coach ponied up the cash to get him a fine suit, and then the next day Gino arrived with the suit in tatters and stained with blood. Apparently Gino and his father had encountered a deer on the road and had hunted it down and returned the carcass to their pickup's bed for later consumption.