Tuesday, February 27, 2007

LiveBlogging From The Frog #3: Yotes @ Oil

Messier's retirement went a bit long, got here an hour late and they still haven't done the anthem.

- Nice retro jerseys, too bad we can't see Smytty in Oiler orange.

- Roenick looks like he wants to cry. Nobody wants you JR, nobody wants you.

- Pisani on the left, odd.

- First 5 minutes have been pretty much devoid of any sort of flow. Ceremonies tend to have that effect.

- Nice chance for Pouliot, the kid has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He really seems to see the lanes well. (1st @ 14)

- First line looks good, even without Smyth. Nice pressure shift (1st @ 10)

- Svret takes a hooking penalty without negating the scoring chance, yikes. (1st @ 8)

- JR Slew foots Roloson, no call. 1-0 Coyotes.

- I really hope this game gets some flow, it has been a real snoozer so far.

- Phoenix just looked like they were on the powerplay circling in our zone against a tired fourth line (1st @ 3)

- Joffrey Lupul with a pathetic looking spin move. That's the Joffrey I know. )1st @ 2)

- Good scoring chance as the period comes to a close. Nice defensive play by Morris.

- I guess I should air in on how I feel about the trade. It seems to be clear that a 25 over 5 deal was on the table, and it is also clear that Smyth was not willing to sign for that price. When dealing with that length of a contract, it's fairly irresponsible to tie up anything more than that kind of money for that many years in a player like Smyth. Now don't get me wrong, Smyth is a great player that can put up very good numbers playing in a tough minutes environment. But he also plays the type of game that is very hard on the body. Whether or not Smyth will be a 5.75m dollar player 5 years down the road is a fairly easy question to answer. No. Up to this point in his career, has Smyth ever been a player that commands that much money? Also no. The guys career year coincides with his first shot and unrestricted free agency. Smyth is NOT a top 10 goal scorer in this league, nor is he any better than a point per game guy. He does not generate offense on his own; he is not a game breaker; he is not a player that commands close to 6 million a year. Lowe made the right deal.

- Oilers come out flying in the second, great chances for Hemsky and Lupul (2nd @ 20)

- Couple fights, nice to see that the Oilers give a shit.

- 2-0 Yotes, bad bounce right to some prospect. PK looks a bit sketchy tonight.

- Either that was a dangerous shot by Roy, or Cujo just plain sucks. (2nd @ 14)

- Nice stick by Greene breaks up a 2-1. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if he's dealt over the summer for defensive help. (2nd @ 12)

- 3-0 Yotes. Hejda gets turned inside out by Steve Reinprecht. This could get ugly.

- Stevie takes a bad penalty. So far the Yotes PP has been tearing us up. This is like watching a lit cartoon bomb. The Oiler's fuse is getting real low. (2nd @ 10)

- Thoreson with a good chance on the PP. I still like this kid. (2nd @ 9)

- This is a pretty terrible game. (2nd @ 4)

- Jacques with the TKO on Boynton. Wow, he really landed a couple solid shots. (2nd @ 2)

- Did Gratton really just punch Jason Smith from the bench? That's crazy. (2nd @ 1)

Well, that's all for now, the battery is toast.

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