Thursday, February 22, 2007

LiveBlogging @ The Black Frog

Cam and Matt here, doin' some commentary from the Black Frog.

- We just arrived as the 2nd goal was scored on the PP. Smyth reminds me of Wayne and Garth in Wayne's World when they get their record company advancement. I got six million dollars... I got six million dollars.

- Shelly hit on Gilbert, Matt thinks he saw an elbow, I'm not convinced. Roy shows some 'mash' and lands some solid shots on Shelly. Shelly got the take down but considering who he's fighting, Matt and I give the decision to Roy.

- I fucking hate the instigator.

- Matt is happy the refs ruled that a high stick, he thinks the replay was inconclusive.

- Hitchcock is trying to turn Rick Nash into Mike Modano, good luck with that.

- Smid saves the day by clearing a sure goal out of the crease on the PK. It helps that Modin is not Ryan Smyth

- Pouliot looks good. Making good plays in both ends. Makes some mistakes, but he's young, it happens. Lupul finally gets his playmaking centre.

- Hemsky makes one too many moves, gives up the puck, goes for a 3 on 2. Story of his year, but I still love him.

- Thoresen vs. Nash? What the hell? Thoresen clipped him knee on knee. Can't fault Nash for going after him, but I'll take that trade any time.

- The broadcast just asked what the Oilers need at the deadline, a goal scorer, offensive defenseman, goalie, first round pick, or nothing. WE vote D.

- Cam told me not to be negative, so I'm not going to say anything about the Oilers' power play right now.

- Good first, I think. We only saw 1/2 of it, but we're happy.

- Cam is complaining that the broadcast guys are talking up the first goal stat. Considering how many leads the Oilers blow, he's probably got a point.

- Kevin Lowe apparently looks like Cam's grandpa at 48.

- Pay-per-view puts on a piece about a Zamboni obstacle course. People pay for this shit?

- 2nd period under way. Matt loved the stretch pass that turned into an icing. The Oilers should just concede the last 4 seconds and perform a proper break out (by proper I mean one that you generally see while other teams play).

- Lupul is really really ridiculously good at 'hanging out' on the opposing team's blue line.

- I thought for a second Jacques was gonna hit Norrena; Matt also thought he was lining him up. Imagine the shit show that would cause.

- Wow. Just wow. Hemsky fights off his check, gets inside into the slot and makes a great scoring chance out of nothing. I don't even mind that little 8 inch pass instead of a shot. That kid just has flashes of absolute brilliance.

- Hot damn, 3-0 Oilers, the play starts with a great defensive play by Joffrey 'Really Really Ridiculously' Lupul, and ends with Smid's first NHL goal. Sandwiched between those two unlikely events was an equally unlikely dangle and pass by Torres. What a goal.

- "Wow, this is actually looking like an NHL calibre powerplay, that's weird" - Matt

- What's with the goddamn spotlights. Every time Columbus has a scoring chance their lighting team jumps the gun. Reminds of that Calgary game (2nd in the season) where they ran that stupid red spot light for like 8 seconds on a shot that missed the net by 4 ft.

- Joffrey Lupul makes his second awesome play of the game; what the hell is going on?

- Horcoff with the DDT on the powerplay. Sean Horcoff don't take no crap from nobody, especially Norwegians named Olaf.

- Great shift on the PK for Petersen and Pouliot. Petersen gets in and puts a good shot on net for the rebound, then Pouliot kills 15 seconds fighting for the puck in the CBJ zone.

- That's the Joffrey Lupul we all know. Gets the puck right at the line and doesn't clear it.

- Nice to see Raffi Torres playing with confidence, dangling and making plays.

- End of the second. Another good period. Smid finally gets a goal. He was the last Oiler dman to get his first. Even Gilbert and Roy had scored before now.

- Cam is downloading Beauty and the Geek right now. I don't think I can respect him anymore.

- A gift on the PP right there. Good pass by Roli, Norrena trips on his own goal post and merry Christmas Horcoff.

- Hemsky looked like Superman on that shift "Get outta my way, Columbus!" - Cam

- The Oilers are a much better team without Nedved in the lineup.

- All the young guys doing their jobs tonight. Smid with his first goal, Pouliot playing well, and there goes Jacques causing some chaos on the forecheck.

- Unfortunately, the laptop battery is toast, and the barkeep only has plugs behind the bar. So with 13 minutes left, Matt and I are signing off. Matt's final comment: "it's nice not to be cheering for a bunch of losers for once."


Kyle said...

Time is running out on Simpson's contract...thats a positive!

Scarlett said...

4-0 for the Oilers? Is this a dream??

Loxy said...

I love Beauty and the Geek!