Friday, February 23, 2007

LiveBlogging #2 @ The Black Frog

Cam and Matt here again, doin' some live commentary from the Black Frog.

- Let's hope this game doesn't work out like the last back to back we played in Detroit.

- How was that not interference? Horcoff gets thrown down going to the net and the ref stands there looking stupid. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. Matt thinks that we just got away with a holding the stick (Staios) so I guess it's a wash.

- At least Horcoff's hooking penalty was in the defensive zone for once.

- Great, Reasoner puts us down two men for almost a full two minutes. Sigh.

- 1-0 Wings, Zetterberg makes no mistake and Holmstrom does his best Smyth impression. Hopefully we kill off the rest of this penalty.

- Let's see what kind of mettle the Oilers show. Down 1-0 on the road on the back end of a back to back, facing a very good team.

- Wow, what a weak call. "If that's roughing, then everyone should wear a skirt" - Ferraro.

- 2-0 Wings, I call shenanigans. Holmstrom with a great deflection on a well placed Lidstrom shot.

- Penalties are killing us, I've heard this story before.

- Hemsky draws a penalty and the Oilers 2nd unit hits the ice. A goal would be huge here.

- Hemsky heading to the dressing room, let's hope it's an equipment issue.

- 2-1 Wings, Thoreson makes a great play. Good pass by Horc... I got six million dollars... I got six million dollars.

- Kronwall leaves his feet and lays a pretty cheap hit on Lupul. Hopefully the Oilers powerplay wasn't negated by the ensuing scrum.

- Oilers on the PP, Lebda holds up Smyth for a few too many seconds.

- A Sean Avery-esque dive by Zetterberg negates the Oilers powerplay.

-I got six millions dollars... I got six million dollars. Ryan Smyth almost scores a shorty and draws a penalty.

- First period is over. If I were asked to sum up the period in two words, I would go with "terrible officiating". Hemsky still not back on the ice, I think safe to say he's hurt. Great.

- Yaa Hemsky!


- Lupul concussed on an ILLEGAL hit. I want Stortini in this game.

- Petr Sykora with some solid defense on a two on one there. The pass came across and Sykora got a stick on it to tip it away.

- Hasek is crazy.

- Oilers need to get the 5 on 5 going again. There's been too much running around in the defensive zone the last few minutes.

- Torres! Tie game. Good effort all around. Good pressure by that line leads to the goal. Thoresen is having a very strong game playing in Lupul's spot.

- Thoresen with a brutal giveaway at his own blueline. Leads to an unfortunate bounce off of Smith's leg and a goal against. Boo.

- Great save by Roloson at the end of the period. They've been resilient tonight, but I still think of these Oilers as the kind of team that will pack it in if enough things go wrong. If that one had gone in it could have been really demoralizing.

- Oilers go on the powerplay, First unit hits the ice, I'll settle for a good looking PP and some momentum.

- Ales Hemsky pulls a "Joffrey Lupul' as he skates the puck to his own blue line then proceeds to give it away. Second unit hits the ice and doesn't look so good.

- 3-3 Oilers score. Pouliot out waits Hasek and Reasoner puts it away. Nice work by the kid.

- Hejda ties up Holmstrom on a dangerous looking shift. If you look carefully, as the shot comes to Roli, Holmstrom is paying more attention to fighting Hejda than putting the puck in the net. That's how to play a guy like that.

- Regulation over, Oilers heading to OT. Wonder if we'll see Toby Petersen out there in the 4on4 situations. Frankly, I don't think it's such a bad move. We are not a great shootout team, so ending it in a 4on4 situation is probably our best chance at coming away with 2 points.

- This officiating is FUCKING terrible. Bush league NHL at its worst.

- Shoot out, Matt just commented that he was glad we decided to take in this game, I agree.

- I got 6 million dollars... I got 6 million dollars.

- Roli goes 3/3 and the Mullet Man comes through yet again.

- You know, intellectually I conceded that the Oilers would miss the playoffs two weeks ago, but emotionally I can't make myself feel that way. Every win is still so satisfying. The last two games this team has looked a lot more like the team that I spent last spring cheering. Not in skill, but in that they refuse to give up. Much better.


Scarlett said...

And we lose another player to concussion (Lupul).

Scarlett said...

You know what? Even though they've only gone 2-2-2 (actually, that's not too bad), they've looked great. It feels like they're pulling it together. This might be too late to make up the ground, but this team has an excellent chance.

young d said...

The Black Frog is still the place for Oiler games in Van?
Good stuff. Say hello to Nemo for Dave in Edmonton.