Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wings @ Oilers: Oct 21st, 2006 - Post Game Thoughts Plus Video.

- First game with any real flow, thought we looked good 5vs5.

- Spent less time running around in our zone even strength. Our breakouts were much better.

- The powerplay was absolutely terrible. We spent more than half our PP time trying to gain the zone.

- The PK was great, the Wings had very few chances.

- Not sure why people are ragging on Lupul. He's done everything that should be expected of the kid. He comes back defensively, wins battles on the boards, and scores timely goals. Also, has anyone else noticed how chippy he is? He really seems to get under peoples skin.

- The Wings are great at diving.

- Tjarnqvist has looked great in his 25+ minutes a game. His 1.6 million dollar contract is turning out to be money VERY well spent.

- Horc won some key faceoffs; it's about time.

- When I was watching the game live, I thought Chopper had broken his arm (4-6 weeks) on Markov's helmet. I was very relieved when I found out he only had a separated shoulder (day to day).

- Showed a lot of character coming back after the Datsyuk goal. That whole series of unfortunate events could have been a massive momentum swing.

- Bergy had a mistake free game, and made 4 great plays (featured in the video).


kurri_17 said...

Regarding Lupul... on that goal he set up for staois, it was Lupul's total effort in the Detroit zone that made that happen. He kept working for the puck before it landed on Staois' stick.
My memory of the play is getting fuzzy, but I remember being impressed with the effort. I thought several times during the game about the Oilers in general that Detroit must hate playing this team that wont get off them like mosquitoes.

kinger said...

Let's face it, Oiler fans can be tough on the players. I think the fans expectations are a little too high in regards to Lupul. I'll be happy if he doesn't regress (based on chemistry with line mates, not talent).