Thursday, October 26, 2006

Intestinal Parasites and Visits to the ER

You'll have to excuse my lack of updates, I have been under the weather for the last few days. I would talk about the Phoenix game, but I watched it while my brain was dying. So instead of the usual post game blurb, I will leave you with one important piece of advice:

If you are running a 39 degree fever, and have a history of getting REAL delirious when gettin' good an' fever'd, do not choose hockey as your medium of entertainment. It will fucking haunt you for hours, I spent at least 3 hours talking to myself about offsides and icings and Horcoff comes up the ice and Smytty just put it in and oh god why can't I stop thinking about hockey (this moment occurs once every 8-10 minutes, when your cognitive brain tries to assert itself on your consciousness only to be foiled seconds later by Hemmer dangles and Stoll blasts a shot from and...)

Fevers are not cool.

Once I finish appropriating the Anaheim game, I intend to watch it a second time and provide some sort of blog entry. Even though my early instinct says "Roli had an off night, end of story", I am still willing to waste two hours of my life in the name of objective analysis.

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