Saturday, October 28, 2006

MyTake: Oil @ Ducks 25th Oct 2006: Thoughts and Video.

- After watching the game a second time, I came to an obvious conclusion: the goaltending needed to be better. That 4th goal killed us, up to that point we were competing hard.

- We had some real fire during the PP that Stoll scored on. You could tell the boys wanted this game, it's too bad it didn't work out.

- Anaheim's D is not nearly as impressive as I expected it to be. They were easily exposed by good down low cycling.

- Matt Greene must be on some sort of referee shit list. Did he sleep with Kerry Fraser's Daughter or something.

- The BS "holding penalty" (The Oilers penalty to #2 Matt Greene, 2 minutes... for being Matt Greene, the time, 18:37) that Greene took led to an Anaheim goal.

- Getzlaf is one ugly kid.

- Selanne and Co. were invisible.

- First line was useless, they seem to be getting worse game by game. If I had to pick one, I'd say Horc's play was teh stinkiest. He didn't play his game at all, forced way too many pucks, and didn't convert on a couple golden chances.

- Pronger was matched up against Hemmer, Sykora and Thoreson, who were virtually held off the scoresheet (Hemmer, PPA). Clearly, Pronger has not lost a step.

- Good chemistry on the 3rd line, too bad Stoll hurt his back in practice.

- 4th line was damn good.

One more thing, I don't intend to discuss the Phoenix game; infact, there never was a game in Phoenix, it was all just a figment of my fevered imagination.


pj said...

Thanks for the video commentary/analysis. I'm a lazy reader, so it works much better for me than 10000 word essay posts like this:

PS - Frasier is a TV show. I think you mean Fraser (like razor).

kinger said...

Thanks for the correction, putting it in. Glad you enjoyed it.