Monday, October 23, 2006

TVU Player

Living outside of Alberta and don't have access to Centre Ice?

You need to get TVU; this great little program connects you to a peer to peer internet TV network. Just install and click on the NHL channel. Unfortunately they don't always broadcast Oiler games, but it's better than nothing. You can check out the pre-game broadcast schedule on this forum.

The Yotes-Oil game will be shown this evening; see you there!


Anonymous said...

TVU sounds good. Anyone know if there's something for us Mac users?

Loxy said...

Vancity Oilers fans ya!

sacamano said...

Jesus man. You've just saved me. They don't even report the NHL scores over in Sheffield.

Vodka Boy said...

soooooooo great to be able to actually watch oil other than just HNIC in Montreal

Anonymous said...


What sacamano said! Thanks for the tip--I think I'll postpone calling the cable guy.