Monday, January 07, 2008

LiveBlogging: Isles @ Oil.

I'll be posting notes during this evenings game. I hope that the sopcast stream is more reliable this time around. For those of you wanting to catch some of the action, tune into sopcast channel 31511 (or click here if you have sopcast installed)

- My feed cuts out just as the game is about to start. Excellent.

- I seem to have missed the first five minutes. My feed cuts in as Hemsky gets smothered by 5 Isles at their blue line.

- Gagner playing with Reasoner. I liked the energy I saw out of 89-51-46 last game, I'm not sure how I feel about the change. Although 28-51-46 is certainly appealing as a line that can cycle and build up some energy down low.

- Hemsky with a great chance down low. 27-10-83 looks good early on.

- Grebs turns over the puck in his own zone which leads to a bit of Islander pressure. This kid constantly is making something out of nothing.

- Gagner et. al get pinned in down low by Satan's line. Ugly shift from the Oilers.

- MacT throws 27-10-83 out there against the Comrie line. I think he will try to get that match up all night.

- Gilbert with his best Grebeshkov impression as he gives it away to Park for an A+ chance in the slot.

- Some Oilers pressure draws an Islander penalty down low. Let's see which Oiler powerplay shows up tonight, the bad one or the really bad one.

- Apparently the Islanders have the 6th best penalty kill in the league. This doesn't bode well. Horrible powerplay, currently Richard Park is playing keep way in our defensive zone.

- Gilbert gets a weak shot on goal with the powerplay winding down. We managed to gain the zone and setup in only one of our five tries.

- Gilbert again puts a shot on goal that Pisani manages to tip. Dipietro forced to make a good save. At least we got one solid chance out of the man advantage.

- Hemsky with another good chance down low. Surprise, surpise, Comrie and Bergeron on the ice. MacT must salivate when he sees those two out there.


Some solid chances from 27-10-83 at ES. Beyond that, not much offense outside of a nice rush by 18 in the middle of the frame. As for the Islanders, they didn't manage to generate a whole lot of offense. it looks to me like it's going to be a button-down type game.


- 1-0 Oilers. A great little snipe by Hemmer. The top line is humming tonight.

- 2-0 Oilers. Top line, top line, top line. Horcoff getting back on track with Hemmer in the line up. The top line is looking great.

- 3-0 Oilers. Reasoner pots a quick one on a Stoll feed.

- Oilers are really coming alive here. You can see the weight drop from their shoulders.


Had some problems with my stream, wasn't able to follow the play too closely. However, it looks like things are solved for the third period.


- Islanders nearly put one away, Garon gets lucky as Sillinger rings one off the post.

- Oilers back to the powerplay. Souray gets trapped in deep leading to an Islanders chance.

- Long 5-3 coming up here for the Oil as Hunter draws a goaltender interference penalty. Stoll gets two great chances with DiPietro moving.

- Lots of quality chances that we didn't capitalize on. That powerplay looked really good. Souray hits the bar as the PP shows great puck movement.

- A quick fight between Stortini and Jackman. Give the decision to Jackman as the aptly named "huggy-bear" strikes again. I actually think that Stortini was pretty gassed at the beginning of the fight, he had already been out for a full shift.

- I think 12 is a better fit than 89 to play with 16 and 19. I think Gagner is just too weak on the puck to play with Stoll and Reasoner.

- Islanders PP. Pies takes a holding penalty as the Oil spend some time running around their own zone.

- Chop and Marty do a great job killing the first 45 seconds of the powerplay. 18 with some great work at the blue line.

- Smid hits the ice and the Islanders get a great scoring chance. Colour me surprised.

- Satan's line builds some nice pressure and gets a few chances. Souray almost gets turned around at his own blue line but recovers in time get back into position.

- Staios with a real nice play breaking up a Meyer centering pass. Oilers go up ice and Hemsky and Horcoff combine for another solid SC.

- Oilers go to the powerplay for the third time this evening as Guerin gets called for interference on Smid. Pretty weak call, it seemed that Smid was holding/interfering Guerin. I think the credit for the powerplay should go to the pressure generated by 27-10-83.

- The Kid powerplay hits the ice. Gagner is ROBBED x2 by DiPietro right on the doorstep.

- Penner has missed about 3 golden opportunities this game. I think he forgot what it was like to play with Hemmer, you really need to keep your stick on the ice ready for a pass at all times.

- 4-0 Oilers. Stoll unleashes a rocket on a Horcoff feed. Could he be regaining his confidence? I hope so, it will really improve his trade value ;).

- Brodziak shows us all why we dealt Marc-Andre Bergeron. Bergy plays him soft and stops moving his feet which gives 51 a clear run to the net. DiPietro comes up big and bails out his teammate.

- WOW. That was a ridiculous grab by DiPietro. Pitkanen with a golden opportunity down low on a Brodziak feed. I have Joni in my pool and it would have been nice to get that one.


Garon shuts the Islanders down and the Oil win a rare one in regulation. All in all a quality win; the top line comes up big, we scored a powerplay goal and Garon shut the door.

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