Monday, December 17, 2007


Stoll, Nilsson, Schremp, and Smid for Brad Richards.

Sanderson to PHX for a 4th.

Roli to PIT for a 2nd.

Sign Gilbert for 15.5 over 5.

Sign Pitkanen for 22.5 over 5.

Pray the salary cap goes up.


Cam Fraser said...

Tough to know if that's enough for Richards, and if it is, I think the Oilers need to keep Sanderson. Otherwise, me likey.

kinger said...

The Sanderson add in is to clear cap space. Unfortunately I don't think we can make the dollars work unless we move his contract.

Also, he hasn't exactly been the most useful hockey player this year. Frankly I am of the opinion that his 1.5M dollar salary could easily be replaced by a call up making considerably less (Thoreson).