Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nashville Comes to Town.

After watching parts of the Canucks-Preds game last night I have high expectations for tonights game. I don't normally watch Canuck games; however, this was an excellent opportunity to scout the elusive Nashville Predators.

Some thoughts:

- Nashville came out real strong, cycling the puck down low in the Vancouver zone. This down low pressure was a big factor in the Nashville's first two goals. The 1-0 goal, Ohlund had been stuck on the ice for a long shift, and made a lazy play to deflect the puck; fortunately, he deflected it into his own net. The second goal came on a powerplay that was drawn in part by strong Nashville forechecking.

- Vancouver got back into the game with solid goaltending and a couple weak goals.

- Nashville stopped moving their feet in the third, and without Sullivan's heroics, could have easily came out of Vancouver with the loss.

- The Preds should be tired tonight, they were fading down the stretch last night. Also, they don't have a whole lot of pressure on them to win, their road trip has already been a great success.

- If the Oilers come out hard and fast, and get an early lead, this game should be in the bag. However, if the Oil struggle putting pucks in the net past the Nashville backup, look out for a long frustrating evening.

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