Saturday, November 04, 2006

Losing to Dallas and Mick McGeough (The Silver Lining)

I would have much rather been wrong in my prediction of tonights final score. I watched the first two periods of the game on TVU, and we looked pretty good out there. I don't think the shots in the first period were indicative of the play. Dallas took a lot of weak perimeter shots which helped to balloon their total. One thing we have to work on is late period goals. We seem to be giving up goals in the last minute of the period at an alarming frequency. These goals can be real back breakers, and I would like to see our boys work on this.

Now for the officiating.

By now we've all seen the botched goaltender interference call and the phantom gloved pass. Sure I'm pissed, but I can see a silver lining

A lot of our boys haven't been playing with much intensity this season. This evenings events are the perfect motivator to bring back the us against the world mentality we have been missing this year. It's this mentality that kept us fighting down the stretch to make the big show last year; it's this mentality that we rode all the way to game 7 of the SCF; it's this mentality we drew upon to beat Dallas in 1997.

We've been missing our spark all season. Now we're 7-6, with our backs to the wall, going into a big road trip. I think it's time the real Edmonton Oilers show up to play.


Anonymous said...

We've lost 4 of our last 5 games. We are playing utterly terrible hockey right now. We can't even move the puck out of our own zone without turning it over. When we dump it in, we are never able to get to the puck fast enough. I mean, how can you even "almost tie" Dallas when you play like that? It was a freakin miracle that it was 3-1 and not 8-1.

I hope you are right, this could motivate the guys...there was much talk of the road trip being a chance for the team to focus on hockey and get the gears going, but we'll have to wait and see. Montreal is probably going to get spanked whether we win or lose. I'm thinking shootout in one of these games. We're due.


kinger said...

"Unfortunately, I think we're going to see a lot more of the Jekyll Oilers until something big happens (falling under .500)."

That's how I felt before the Dallas game. I'm hoping the "something big" occurred when McGeough robbed us of at least a point.

Frère said...

I hate him with a passion!!

AcidHero said...

The thing is that with this guy, you don't know what to expect, impartial, my ass!